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BB February 2015

February 2015


What are we doing?

I (Rachel) love getting newsletters from the Wycliffe members for whom I am privileged to serve as their HR Financial Liaison (HRFL). I recently received a letter from Erin who became a Wycliffe member in February of 2014. She built her team of prayer and financial supporters and was released to her assignment January 9, 2015. Shortly after she arrived in Mexico she attended the biennial branch conference where she heard this story from one of her colleagues who had been working in the Mixtec community doing translation and literacy work for many years.

“As these translators neared completion of the New Testament, they distributed audio recordings of the Scriptures to people from the community. One day, a non-Christian farmer in this Mixtec village borrowed his son’s audio recording of the New Testament and took it with him to his field where he grew peppers. As he worked, he listened to the Scriptures for the first time in his life and decided that he should pray to this God that he was hearing about in the recording! He prayed for God to bless his field of peppers, and boy, did He! At the end of the harvest, many of the man’s neighbors in the village came to him asking to buy his peppers because their own crops had failed. He refused to sell the peppers to them, but instead, freely gave a measure to each of them, at the same time sharing his testimony of how God had richly blessed his crops and had answered his prayers.”

Stories like these remind Felton and me why we serve with Wycliffe Bible Translators. Since October of 2013 twenty members that I have helped have been released to their assignments and are now serving in Papua New Guinea, Chad, Mexico, Cameroon, Brazil, Romania, Thailand, Tanzania, and Asia.

Every month I get to hear the God stories of new members as they begin their journey with Wycliffe. I am currently helping 102 families in the financial aspects of being prepared to leave for their assignment. They will serve in a role that uniquely fits their skills and will enhance the team they join. Pilots and aircraft mechanics are among the approximately 30 different roles that will be filled by these 148 people.

Felton’s role at JAARS touches the lives of many who serve in aviation assignments. He is responsible as Aviation Business Manager for coordinating the compilation of the department budget. He gets to watch as God provides for the needs of the department. He is responsible for all aspects of the aviation insurance covering the fleet of aircraft in the JAARS hangar and in Wycliffe’s affiliated programs around the world. The international fleet consists of fourteen airplanes and three helicopters located in Australia, Brazil, Papua New Guinea, Cameroon, and Papua Indonesia. One helicopter and six airplanes are used for public relations, candidate selection and training at the JAARS Center in Waxhaw.

When not involved with our Wycliffe ministry, we stay busy. Rachel spends time each week with her three grandchildren. She also facilitates two women’s Bible studies each week. Felton is a deacon and continues to take care of the church yard. We both help Jill with her four girls on Thursday evenings while Tim is teaching a Bible study. Getting everyone fed and ready for bed takes many hands.

Prayer Requests

  • Pray for the Bibleless people groups – There are still approximately 1,859 languages representing approximately 180 million people who have none of God’s Word in a language that speaks to their heart. At least 1.3 billion people do not have a full Bible available in their first language. Over 634 million of these have the New Testament; others have portions or at least some level of work begun. There is known active translation and/or linguistic development happening in 2,195 languages across more than 130 countries. They are the reason we do what we do.
  • Pray for the pre-field members – for stamina as they work to develop their team of partners. The members we work with cannot be released to their first assignment until they have 100% of their monthly budget and 100% of the funds needed to get to their assignment.
  • Pray for career members like us – for spiritual, emotional and financial health. Wycliffe expects us as members to maintain a team of partners that will keep us at 100% of our budget. This has its challenges since partners’ lives change and members’ budget needs change. Felton has been doing this for 29 years and, as you might imagine, partners have come and gone. Presently we have 85% of our required monthly budget promised. We are expected to be at 100% by August. If you have friends or family who might be interested in learning more about our ministry, please let us know.
  • Pray for the Lord of the harvest to send more laborers. There are 1300 open positions within Wycliffe USA. Is He calling you?

Praise Report

  • Praise for Tim & Jill (Felton’s daughter) Hale who welcomed Sarah Margaret into their family on January 7th at 11:30 am. She weighed 8 pounds. Her sisters think she is quite cute.
  • Praise for Jill & Aaron’s grandmother, Helen Otterson Schmidt, who had her 90th birthday on January 9th. The arrival of Sarah postponed the celebration. She lives in Waxhaw and gets to be with the family often.

Digital Bible Library

Every Tribe Every Nation (ETEN) is a partnership of the largest Bible agencies in the world. The goal is to eradicate Bible poverty, to get God’s Word to the world in a generation. The United Bible Society, American Bible Society, Biblica, SIL, Wycliffe, and The Seed Company are all a part of this alliance. A key strategy of ETEN is development of a Digital Bible Library, a secure, accessible collection of high-quality print, audio and video translations and Scripture materials. Learn more about ETEN.


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