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BB February 2018

February 2018



“Yesterday (February 22, 2018) they were boxes in the PNG hangar – today (February 23rd) the Menya people have the complete New Testament in their hands for the first time ever! Praying that their hearts will clearly hear the Good News of the Gospel! Our airplanes and helicopters delivered the New Testaments and people for the dedication happening today. Carl and Pat Whitehead have been working with the Menya people since 1975. What a story of persistence and commitment! Our Aviation team has been blessed to support their work over the decades”

-Words and pictures from Erik Lofgren – the Aviation Business Manager in Papua New Guinea

Rachel was privileged to be a part of their New Member team. Felton takes of the insurance for the fleet in PNG and occasionally corresponds with Erik.

Menya NT in the PNG hanger ready to go.

Praying for the Menya People and for their lives to be changed by God’s Word in their heart language.


Don’t you just love how God is always preparing us for the next thing? Working in HR was excellent preparation for my new assignment. I served on a team that touched every aspect of a missionary’s life from start to finish. During the five years I spent serving new members, I also learned about those in transition, those coming home on furlough, all that was involved in going back to the field, or even in changing their assignment. I learned about both, the tough times and the good times, as well as the joys and the sorrows. In June of 2017, I stepped away from my role as Human Resources Financial Liaison and waited for God to show me the next step.

Many years ago while I was living in Colorado, I attended a conference where we developed our personal mission statement. Mine is “to ignite in women a passion to know God with gut level intimacy”. I wanted my next assignment to be focused on that mission in a more hands-on way. All of us have our own story that has many chapters. Some are wonderful and some are hard, but all come through the hand of our Heavenly Father. My new assignment allows me to unwrap those experiences and share how God used them in my life as I serve as JAARS Chaplain to Women. I am excited to see all the ways God is going to use me over the next months and years.

In addition to my assignment at JAARS I facilitate the morning and evening Women’s Bible Study at our church and have started hosting a monthly Coffee and Conversation time for our neighbors. The ladies are really enjoying the time of getting to know each other better.

I appreciate your prayers for all of these endeavors.


The Hales are still in Spokane. Miriam is 10, Caroline is 8, Lucy is 5 and Sarah is 3.

Ashley is living in Dayton, Ohio and enjoys spending time with her boyfriend, Ben.

Rachel’s son, Nathan, coached her grandson Alex’s basketball team. They won the tournament!


  • Pray for Rachel as she adjusts to her new assignment as JAARS Chaplain to Women.
  • Guidance for the potential candidate considering Felton’s position as Aviation Business Manager. (Felton is not retiring but wants to reduce his hours to 20 per week in November of 2020. His current position requires 40 hours per week.)
  • Praise for our faithful donors. Several have been with Felton since the very beginning in 1986. We are vey blessed! In the past year we have received 100% of our required Ministry Budget.


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