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Bollinger Blessings

BB November 2017

November 2017


Zaverio, a 97-year-old Bwisi speaker,

from the Congo reports, “I was not expecting to witness the Word of God being read in Bwisi while I was still alive. This week I have learned the true meaning of salvation, and I have accepted Jesus as my Savior. I will die in the Lord. They used to tell us that a true Christian is one who attends church all the time, gives gifts, does good works and prays every evening. But now, through these teaching in my language of Bwisi, I am understanding that God forgives our sins through Christ!”

2017 Scripture Celebration

4,435,000 speakers total, representing 31 languages, received this indescribable gift in their heart language in the past year

Personal Information Update

A topic of conversation in our lives that is becoming more common in our circle of friends is that of “Retirement”. That word is not found in Scripture. I try to think of it as “Planning for Finishing Well.” As long as we are blessed with good health, our current plan is to continue serving in some capacity that helps people groups who are still waiting to receive God’s word in their heart language. My supervisor is aware that my goal is to provide a well-written manual of all my tasks before stepping down from Aviation Business Manger in three years when I reach age 75. Before then, a new financial software program is scheduled to replace what has been in use the past decade; and, we will find out if “an old dog can learn new tricks.” A very qualified candidate is praying for clear direction in his life as he considers leaving a very good job in aviation management, trusting God for provision, moving his young family from local grandparents in the mid-west, and settling at Waxhaw to serve as Aviation Business Manager. This is a process which often takes two years. My desire is to be available as an assistant and help where needed with special reports and projects that may take him several annual cycles to learn.

Rachel has stepped out of her Human Resources Financial Liaison role, leaving it in the capable hands of a well-trained, highly qualified, full-time liaison. In the new year, Rachel will begin a new assignment serving women on the JAARS campus two mornings a week. She will be listening to and praying with them as the Lord leads. Rachel continues to be the facilitator for the two growing weekly women’s Bible Studies at our church.

We have been blessed and encouraged in these past months by faithful and generous people like you and churches like yours who have also been showing Christ’s love to others in times of recent major natural disasters. Words are hard to find that can say it better than “Thank you!”

Family Photo Gallery

The Stewarts, the Hales and the Bollingers are all doing well. Nathan and his family still live outside of Charlotte in Indian Trail. (The lady in the yellow shirt is a friend.)

The Hales are still in Spokane Valley, Washington and the girls are now 10, 8, 5 and almost 3.

The Bollingers are spread out now. Aaron and Daphne are still in Waxhaw, Ashley is in Dayton, Ohio, and Daniel is at Western Carolina University in Cullowhee, NC (no current family picture available).

Prayer & Praise

  • Huge praise – for the first time we are at 100% of our required budget!!!
  • Guidance for the potential candidate considering Felton’s position as Aviation Business Manager
  • The many positions that need to be filled in the aviation department due to people retiring
  • Our good health


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